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Perfection & Certainity

Proven expertise

Analyst Pal guarantees you a high standard of education and competitive prices. At Analyst Pal we pay personal attention to each of our students and make sure that our students are fully satisfied. Each year our team works hard to create stimulating and rewarding programs for students of all levels and ages.


Our well-practiced traditions allow us to use the proven methods that ensure great results. The innovative techniques used in the educational process make it interesting and up-to-date. Thus, the traditional and innovative approaches can be combined for the benefit of our students.


Online & Corporate Training

Thousands of patents are filed everyday, beginning from nappies for pet birds to foldable apple cellphone. Definitely these ideas are innovative and they can be stolen easily.

‘Counterfeit products’ and ‘fakes’ cases are on rise these days.

This is where Patent analyst comes in. Patent analyst will do all the hard work for you. He will protect your invention from violators. Famous firms like IBM, WIPRO, Infosys, Dell, HP, Apple, Samsung etc. file patent every month. They hire Patent Engineers frequently.

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